“Traveling with open eyes

Тo be a georesponsible traveler.

  • Know that your existence in a given place, influences it.
  • Spend time and money to support the local originality (it is more interesting that way).
  • Treasure the local nature and culture.
  • Respect the local traditions.
  • Share with the locals your admiration of the things that seem interesting and unique: nature, sceneries, music and food, historical landmarks.
  • Support the locals that cherish their place, by becoming a customer of companies that strive to preserve and present the unique.
  • Look for local stores, restaurants, hotels, those who love, care and are proud of their hometown.
  • Stay away from those who harm its originality.
  • Come back, rich with memories and stories that you can tell, knowing that you contributed for its preserving.”

-National Geographic


“…Pomorie was the name of the town”, which is welcoming to all who love the clean beaches, beautiful sunsets and a calm summer vacation. Regardless of your choice of a small apartment, the convenience of our hotels or our five star complexes, everyone who visits Pomorie will be richer than when he came. Richer with his experience and beautiful memories. In this town we preserve ancient treasuries – white and black gold but for the time-honoured, romantic and eternal city of Pomorie isn’t to be told about, it has to be lived for.
Pomorie is located on a narrow and rocky peninsula, protruding 3,5 km. in the Black sea. From south, east and northeast is surrounded by the sea, to the north is the salt lake of Pomorie. The prevailing climate is temperate continental. The average annual temperatures vary from 8°C to 12,6°C. Because of the proximity of the black sea, the city is characterized with a soft winter and average January temperatures being positive…



Pomorie or as its was known in ancient times Anhialo is a small seaside town which is charming with its own unconstrained and romantic atmosphere and its famous for the healing effects of the mud that is found in Pomorie’s salt lake and the aromatic wines, which have been made for generations.
Anhialo is one of the most ancient towns established on our Bulgarian lands. The historical data points towards its establishment from the end of V – IV century before Christ. It’s supposed to be established by the apollonian as its trading colony, which is controlled from the north Burgas coast.
From the end of I century B.C. to the middle of I century after Christ is a center of strategy in the kingdom of Odrys. Anhialos primetime is achieved during Romans ruling, that’s when imperator Trajan (98-117y.) has announced it as a city with the rights and the must to keep the house name of imperator Ulpia. The Roman Anhialo was built in the period II-III century A.C. by a system with straight streets intersecting at 90° angles …






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