Pomorie or as its was known in ancient times Anhialo is a small seaside town which is charming with its own unconstrained and romantic atmosphere and its famous for the healing effects of the mud that is found in Pomorie’s salt lake and the aromatic wines, which have been made for generations.
Anhialo is one of the most ancient towns established on our Bulgarian lands. The historical data points towards its establishment from the end of V – IV century before Christ. It’s supposed to be established by the apollonian as its trading colony, which is controlled from the north Burgas coast.
From the end of I century B.C. to the middle of I century after Christ is a center of strategy in the kingdom of Odrys. Anhialos primetime is achieved during Romans ruling, that’s when imperator Trajan (98-117y.) has announced it as a city with the rights and the must to keep the house name of imperator Ulpia. The Roman Anhialo was built in the period II-III century A.C. by a system with straight streets intersecting at 90° angles. In the period of the late ancient Anhialo is the second of importance center in the province of Hemimont after Edrin and it is one of the most important docks.
For the first time the city enters the state’s limits of the Medieval Bulgarian country in the year 812, ruled by han Krum. The ancient Bulgarian name Pomorie – Tuhton isn’t very familiar.
Pomorie (Anhialo) has been set on fire and demolished multiple times, that’s the reason behind why there aren’t many buildings preserved from that time.
In the year 1453 it’s under Turkish slavery. In the era of the Ottomans ruling, it becomes from administered-territory unit to center of large districts. Large amount of its population was engaged in producing salt and has the category of the so called heaven with the “privileged” status. Ahiolu – called by the Ottomans, becomes one of the biggest production sites of salt in the empire and the biggest in the lands located in Bulgaria.
After the unity of Bulgaria (in the year 1885) it becomes an unseparated part of the Bulgarian state. The production of salt continues to be the main livelihood of the people of Anhialo, but the vineyards and the wine production marks a strong development.
In the year 1934 with a ministerial order it changes its name from Anhialo to Pomorie.
In the XX century, Pomorie affirms as an important tourist center concentrated in sea relaxation and balneology. The healing factor of the mud attracts tourist worldwide.