“…Pomorie was the name of the town”, which is welcoming to all who love the clean beaches, beautiful sunsets and a calm summer vacation. Regardless of your choice of a small apartment, the convenience of our hotels or our five star complexes, everyone who visits Pomorie will be richer than when he came. Richer with his experience and beautiful memories. In this town we preserve ancient treasuries – white and black gold but for the time-honoured, romantic and eternal city of Pomorie isn’t to be told about, it has to be lived for.

Pomorie is located on a narrow and rocky peninsula, protruding 3,5 km. in the Black sea. From south, east and northeast is surrounded by the sea, to the north is the salt lake of Pomorie. The prevailing climate is temperate continental. The average annual temperatures vary from 8°C to 12,6°C. Because of the proximity of the black sea, the city is characterized with a soft winter and average January temperatures being positive. The summer temperatures vary from 23°C to 25°C. With a late spring and a continuous fall.

Before sunrise the air is saturated with ozone and negative ions, with ultra violet rays and water vaporization, which heals the upper respiratory tract.

Pomorie is one of these black sea resorts, which welcomes thousands of tourists. This is the city with the most recorded sunny days in the year and the largest beaches from the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. In 2013, the city is recognized for the capital of Balneotourism and Innovative SPA destination.

Pomorie is a modern resort with an excellent location and proximity to all kinds of transport tourism. The sea water in the coast of Pomorie is crystal clear, the coastline is covered with finest sands with a length of 4 263 m.

The warm sea climate, the fertile lands, the extensive beaches, spa centers with a unique healing mud and the cosy family hotels guarantee the perfect vacation.

The plurality of the restaurants and entertainments, the local wineries and the excellent qualification of the personnel will help you feel like home.

Pomorie – the city of Yavorov, the salt lakes, the vineyards and wine, the modern hotels are awaiting for you and your dream vacation.